Recruiting Details

Foreign Teachers Requirements

1. Guangzhou

2. Downtown area or not? No

3. Subject to Teach:

Middle school physics (IG/a level experience is acceptable)*1; (arrived in February)  

4. Teaching Hours Per Week: No more than 20 ; no more than one night self-study (7-9 PM)

5. Text Books/Curriculum: Ig/Alevel/IB

6. Office Hours Per Week: Monday to Thursday: 7: 45-5: 00, Friday: Basically between 4:00 to 4: 30

7. Working Day Per Week for 5 days; may involve open days

8. Age Ranges: 7 ~ 18

9. Class size: 10 ~ 25

10. Length of each class: 50 minutes

Terms and Compensation of Employment

11. Contract length: 3 years

12. Salary: 25 ~ 36k/tax before tax; accommodation: 3K; air ticket reimbursement: once a year round trip

13. Pay date: No. 10

14. Airface Allowance and Pay date: Foreign teachers will be reimbursed after each return

15. Insurance: commercial insurance, accident insurance

16. Apartment: offer a house allowance

17. Electric, Water and Internet Bill: Pay by yourself

18. Meals Included ?: Three meals on working days (there is no dinner on Friday, starting dinner on Sunday)

19. Overtime class: Yes

20. Holiday arrangement: National holiday, Christmas leave (1 day)

Winter/Summer Holiday Length: According to the regulations of the Education Bureau, for example, the winter vacation is 1.7-2.3, Summer vacation is 7.15-8.15 in 2022

21. Medical Check fees: annual medical examination

22. Paid Holidays? How many?: 12 days with paid sick leave

23. Visa: by school

24. Allowance for Z Visa: If there are no special circumstances, school will bear the cost


25. Welcome applicants from native English speaking countries and South east of Asian ( Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine etc.

26. Degree major in mentioned subjects

27. Over 3 years teaching experience in mentioned subjects

28. Must be With IB/IGCSE/Alevel experience

29. Do not consider applicants change job every year.

30. Meet work visa requirement

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