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In operation since 2003, JMF is committed to its vision of bringing together the right candidate with the right company -  a combination that if done well will allow both parties to flourish and grow! This is a simple statement, but a process that is filled with myriad variables. At JMF we have used our years of operating to ensure that we know exactly what these variables are, and to make sure we have the  right expertise and knowledge to address each one. We know that finding the right employee/employer goes well beyond a checklist. We are excited to bring quality educators and experts into China, and we are intent on facilitating the process of these individuals falling in love with China. This entails making sure they are with the right institution, in the right locations, and with the right  assistance to make this transition exciting and smooth. To keep this kind of promise means being able to offer a vast variety of options, to be knowledgeable and up to date about the industries  involved, and have the infrastructure and a highly-qualified competent team. We have all of these. With tons of experience and many opportunities in the ESL world, you can provide us with the finer details of your dream job or dream candidate for your company. We also have acclaimed and recognized teaching courses – we will meet you at any point in your career and go from there! However, we offer positions beyond teaching. Take a look through our site, or get in contact! We will stick by your side, from the start, through to the end of the process and make sure that we represent you to the best of our abilities.

Our mission: Your best life in China

Our vision: to be your most reliable and efficient support in China

Our values: we believe life should be full of passion. Adventure is part of it. We will move forward with responsibility, integrity, and love.

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Our services covers but not limited to:

1. Finding teaching jobs in China


Primary school

Middle school

High school

University /College

Training Centers









History /Geography


Painting /Drawing

Drama /Theater

Curriculum Development


and more  . . .

2. Finding non teaching jobs in China

Marketing /Sales

Social Media Operation



Live Streaming



and more.    

3. Finding products and supplies in China — with your specific needs, in search for the right supply of products, we can source, follow up quality check, and help with shipping. We have our own factory for tapes/cello tapes/stretch film  . . .

4. Finding market/buyers in China — if you are looking for market or sales presentiment/agent of your products/service in China, try us to help you find potential partners.

5. Helping to establish your company/branch in China, we help with office recommendation and company registration, and consulting in other relevant matters that may arise.

6. Further education opportunity/Chinese study opportunity, if you want to study in Chinese universities, get a higher degree or simply study Chinese online or offline. Try us!

7. Online IELTS, we have IELTS examiners, retired IELTS examiners to help people prepare for IELTS speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We can give group or one on one instruction, at very affordable prices. You can improve your exam score with us.

8. If you need another service not listed, do not hesitate to ask. We are listening!

Our address: Qingdao City, China

Our office hours: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday (leave a message and we will get back to you!)

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