Recruiting Details

Job Details

• Jinzhong 

• College EFL teachers,

• teaching courses of English and liberal arts courses to undergraduate students.

• One-year contract. Welcome for Long Stay.

Remuneration Package

1. Monthly salary is above 10,000 RMB (The actual amount will be decided after interview for each individual candidate) 

2. No more than 15,000RMB worth of round trip airfare for one year duration (we need to pay your ticket money according to your ticket, no more than 15,000RMB for a year contract).

3. Lodging allowance: we offer a nice apartment (including a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom) for Foreign teachers. Free electricity, water, heating and Internet.

4. Workload: 16 periods/week (one period = 45 minutes).

You can get RMB 100 yuan extra pay/period if you teach over 16 periods per week, and you don’t need to be in the office all the time except for some regular meetings and activities. 

5. Working time: From Monday to Friday. 3 months for summer and winter vacations (with full pays).

6. College level: 4-year undergraduate 

Ownership: private college

Number of Students: over 20000; Students’ Age: 18-22

Average Class Size: 20-40

BTW, Student assistants are ready to help when you need during your staying.

Job Requirements:

1. Applicants should be NATIVE English speakers from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealandor other English speaking Countries, have at least a Bachelor degree .

2. Applicant should be graduated before June, 2023.

3. Applicants with a TESOL certificate or relevant; 2 year full-time or part-time English teaching experiences,experiences in English-speaking countries have priority.

4. Devotion to teaching: patient, responsible and enthusiastic;

5. Age: between 20-55 years old.

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