Recruiting Details

Job Details

ⅰ. Working Days: Monday to Friday.

ⅱ. Teaching Hours: 22 teaching periods per week, each period lasts between 35-45 min depending on the grade level.

ⅲ. Develop lesson plans in alignment with school guidelines, employ adaptable and varied teaching methodologies, and proficiently accomplish teaching responsibilities.

ⅳ. Beijing

ⅴ. PYP PE (Physical Education) teacher

Job Requirements

ⅰ. Bachelor’s degree or above in Education or in the field of the applied teaching position.

ⅱ. Licensed teachers with accredited credentials are preferred. English language teaching certifications such as CELTA, DELTA are also welcomed.

ⅲ. More than two years teaching experience is preferred.

ⅳ. English Native speakers are preferred.

Compensation& Benefits

ⅰ. Monthly salary before tax:

-Teaching position: RMB 27,000 - 40,000

ⅱ. Full payment for winter and summer vacations

ⅲ. Two-year employment contract bonus (approx. one month’s salary before tax)

ⅳ. Free shared apartment or Housing allowance of RMB5,000

ⅴ. Reimbursement for annual round trip flights maximum USD 2,000 (Beijing - home country)

ⅵ. Reimbursement for relocation fee of maximum RMB 2,000

ⅶ. Medical insurance and annual physical checkup

ⅷ. Professional development opportunities

ⅸ. Education benefits for dependents

ⅹ. Free Chinese lessons

xi. Free gym and sports facilities

xii. Festival bonus/gift box, birthday gift

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