What are the types of criminal record certificates in the United States?

2024/05/09 09:19:59

Many foreigners need to provide a certificate of no criminal record from their country of nationality or long-term residence (at least one year) when applying for permanent residency or work visas in China. Taking the United States as an example, the certificate of no criminal record in the United States is divided into the following types according to the issuing authority:


1.State Criminal Record Check
This is the most common proof of no criminal record used to confirm whether an individual has a criminal record within a specific state. This certificate is usually provided by local law enforcement agencies (such as state police) to determine if there is a criminal record by querying the state's criminal record database.


2.FBI Criminal Record Check

The federal criminal record check is conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and covers criminal records in the federal crime database. Usually used for situations that require more comprehensive background checks, such as specific jobs, visa applications, or security reviews.


3.Local Police Record Check

Sometimes, specific institutions or employers may require applicants to provide a certificate of no criminal record issued by a nearby police station where they reside. This type of proof usually only covers the records of the local police station where one resides, and does not cover criminal records of other states or federal authorities.


It should be noted that different situations and purposes may require different types of non criminal certificates. The specific requirements and procedures may vary by state and agency. Therefore, before applying for a certificate of no criminal record, it is best to consult with relevant institutions to ensure that the applied certificate of no criminal record meets the requirements.


In addition, a certificate of no criminal record usually only proves the criminal record as of the query date. Regular updates of criminal record may be required in certain specific application processes. If applying for a foreigner's work permit and permanent residence in China, a criminal record is valid for 6 months from the date of issuance.












sources from CNVISA

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