Travel Guide for Foreigners in China

2024/04/12 13:50:31

With the continuous development of China in recent years, it has attracted many foreigners to come to China for tourism. However, there are many inconveniences for foreign tourists traveling in China, so how should foreigners purchase tickets for travel in China?


1. Train
Foreign passengers can purchase tickets online through 12306 English website or 12306APP after completing identity verification by virtue of foreigners' permanent residence identity cards, foreigners' passports and other documents, and can use Alipay, WeChat and UnionPay bank cards to pay for tickets.


2. Aircraft
Tickets can be paid in cash, WeChat, Alipay and bank card through the airline's official APP, applet or at the airport window, subject to the airline's regulations.


3. Public transportation, subway, and ride hailing services
Foreign passengers can choose to pay cash, apply for a boarding card, or use Alipay and other apps to ride.


4. Car rental
You can rent a car on site at the international airport and urban car rental outlets, or you can use the car rental app or use Alipay or WeChat to search the "car rental applet", and make an appointment after registration.

① Foreign customers who rent cars need to bring their passport or foreign permanent residence ID card, a valid Chinese driver's license, and an international/domestic credit card. Note: For the first time renting a car, it is necessary to verify the identity document information at least one working day in advance.

② Foreign customers applying for a Chinese driver's license need to bring their passport, overseas driver's license and its Chinese translation text, recent one inch color photos (half body, no hat, front, white background), and other materials to the public security traffic management service hall to apply for a temporary driving permit for small cars. For those who enter the country for a short period of time, they can apply for a temporary driving permit with a validity period of 3 months; If the residence has been suspended for more than 3 months, the validity period can be extended to no more than 1 year. Within the validity period, it can be used multiple times for entry without the need to reapply.


Note: Currently, China has signed driver's license mutual recognition and renewal agreements with France, Serbia, Belgium, and the United Arab Emirates, allowing individuals holding driver's licenses from the aforementioned countries to drive directly within the country or obtain driver's licenses without a test.







租车可选择国际机场、市区租车网点现场租车,也可使用租车 APP 或使用支付宝、微信搜索“租车小程序”,注册登记后预约租车。



sources from CNVISA

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