How can foreign nationals apply for a work visa with China?

2024/05/10 11:01:09

Many foreign nationals in China have found suitable jobs and want to apply for work visas directly in China. Do not want to return to the country of nationality to apply for a Z visa to enter China, which waste a lot of costs to apply for visas. So what are the conditions to apply for a work visa directly within China?

Requirements for applying for a foreign work permit for more than 90 days in China:

Those who meet one of the following conditions can directly apply for a foreigner's work permit in China within the country, and all application materials should be submitted in accordance with the "Notice on Foreigner's Work Permit Application" and the "Foreigner's Work Permit Application":

1. Foreign high-end talents (Category A) who have entered the country with other visas or valid residence permits;

2. Foreigners working in China who have changed their employers, but their job position (occupation) has not changed, and their work residence permit is within its validity period;

3. Foreign spouses or children of Chinese citizens, as well as spouses or children of foreign nationals residing or working in China, holding valid visas or residence permits within the validity period;

4. Compliant with preferential policies related to free trade zones and comprehensive innovation and reform pilot zones;

5. Employers who meet the relevant preferential policies of multinational corporations in China's regional headquarters;

6. Internal personnel flow within the enterprise group;

7. Implementing intergovernmental agreements or agreements;

8. Representative personnel of resident agencies in China who have entered the country with a work visa in accordance with the law; Foreigners who have obtained a work permit to work in China for less than 90 days and are lawfully employed by domestic employers during their stay period;

9. Other approval agencies have determined that they meet the conditions.





1、持其他签证或有效居留证件已入境的外国高端人才(A 类);

2、在华工作的外国人变换用人单位,但工作岗位(职业) 未变动,且工作类居留许可在有效期内的;






8、已持工作签证依法入境的驻华机构代表人员;已获得来华工作 90 日以下的外国人来华工作许可,在其停留有效期内, 被境内用人单位依法聘用的;



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