Do foreigners have to a work permit to work in China?

2024/01/03 15:24:04

As we all know, foreigners who want to work in China can't just get a Z work visa. Usually, they have to get an employment permit and then apply for a Z-visa before entering China, and after entering China with a Z-visa, they also need to obtain an Work Permit and a Residence Permit for Foreigners in order to be legally employed in China. Of course, there are exceptions. According to the "Regulations on the Administration of Foreigners' Employment in China" issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the following cases can be exempted from obtaining employment certificates or permits.

Article 9 of the Provisions on the Administration of Foreigners' Employment in China Any foreigner who meets one of the following conditions shall be exempted from applying for an employment permit or an employment license:

(a) Foreigners who are professional and technical and managerial personnel hired at the direct expense of the Chinese government, or foreigners who are hired at the expense of state organs and institutions, and who have senior technical titles or qualifications for special skills confirmed by national or international authoritative technical management departments or industry associations, and who hold a Foreign Experts Certificate issued by the Foreign Experts Bureau;

(ii) Foreign laborers who are engaged in offshore petroleum operations, do not need to land, and have special skills, and who hold the Permit for Foreigners to Engage in Offshore Petroleum Operations in the People's Republic of China;

(iii) Foreigners holding Temporary Business Performance Permits approved by the Ministry of Culture to engage in business cultural and artistic performances.

Article 10 Any foreigner who meets one of the following conditions may be exempted from applying for a license certificate and apply for an employment permit directly after entering the country on the basis of a Z-visa and relevant certificates:

(I) in accordance with the agreements between China and foreign governments, international organizations, the implementation of Sino-foreign cooperation and exchange projects hired to work in China;

(ii) Chief representatives and representatives of foreign enterprises' permanent representative offices in China


《外国人在中国就业管理规定》第九条 凡符合下列条件之一的外国人可免办就业许可和工作许可证:




第十条 凡符合下列条件之一的外国人可免办许可证书,入境后凭Z字签证及有关证明直接办理工作许可证:



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