What core documents are required to apply for Q visa?

2024/01/04 14:50:22

If you are a foreigner and plan to travel to China to visit relatives or for foster care, you need to apply for a Q visa. What core materials are needed to apply for a Chinese Q visa? The material requirements vary slightly depending on the reason for visiting relatives or foster care, and we list them as follows:

Reasons for visiting relatives

If you are coming to China to visit family, the following are the core materials required to apply for a Q visa:

Invitation letter: The invitation letter needs to be issued by a Chinese citizen living in China or a foreigner with Chinese permanent residence status. The invitation letter must include the visitor's personal information, reason for coming to China, intended arrival date, intended place of residence, intended period of stay, relationship with the inviter, and source of expenses, etc. This information must be fully stated on the invitation letter.

Proof of the inviter: The inviter needs to provide a copy of his or her ID card or passport and permanent residence certificate.

Proof of kinship: Applicants need to provide proof of kinship between themselves and the inviter, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, kinship certificates issued by the public security police station or notarized kinship certificates, etc. Both originals and copies are required.

Reason for foster care

If you are applying for a child in foster care, you need to provide the following core materials when applying for a Q visa:

Foster care power of attorney: The foster care power of attorney must be notarized by the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad or notarized and authenticated by the host country.

Proof of the client: The client needs to provide the original passport, a copy, and proof of kinship with the foster child, such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, kinship certificate issued by the public security station or a notarized kinship certificate, etc.

Proof of trustee: The trustee needs to provide a letter agreeing to accept foster care and a copy of his or her ID card.

Parental certificate: If both or one of the parents of the foster child is a Chinese citizen, a copy of the certificate proving that the Chinese parents settled abroad when the child was born is also required.

What Q1 visa holders need to know

For those holding a Q1 visa, after entering China, the holder must apply for a residence permit within 30 days from the exit and entry administration agency of the public security bureau of the local people's government at or above the county level in the place of intended residence.

According to the relevant provisions of the "Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People's Republic of China", the Q visa refers to a family visit visa for foreigners living in China and their family members to visit China. If you have completed the steps of document preparation, visa application submission and validity period selection, please remember to keep your passport and all visa materials, and handle other import and residence matters as required.




邀请函:邀请函需要由居住在中国境内的中国公民或者有中国永久居留资格的外国人签发。邀请函要包含 访客个人信息、来华事由、拟抵达日期、拟居留地点、拟居留期限、与邀请人的关系以及费用来源等。这些信息均需完整列明在邀请函上。












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