China 72/144-hour Transit visa-Free Policy FAQ

2023/12/12 09:28:56

From November 17, 2023, China will implement the 72/144-hour visa-free transit policy for Norwegian citizens. So far, the scope of countries applicable to China's 72/144-hour visa-free transit policy has increased to 54 countries. We have compiled a list of questions and answers about the 72/144 hour visa-free transit policy.

Q1: What are the regions in China that implement the 72/144-hour visa-free transit policy?

A1: *Cities with 72-hour visa-free transit policy: Changsha, Hunan; Harbin, Heilongjiang; Guilin, Guangxi.

*Cities with 144-hour visa-free transit policy: Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao; Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai(Shanghai, Jiangsu, Nanjing, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Ningbo); Guangdong Province (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Jieyang); Liaoning Province (Shenyang, Dalian); Shandong Province (Qingdao, Shandong Province); Chongqing; Chengdu, Sichuan Province; Xi'an, Shaanxi Province; Xiamen, Fujian Province; Wuhan, Hubei Province; Kunming, Yunnan Province.

Q2: How is the transit visa waiver time calculated?

A2: The period of stay for 72/144-hour visa-free transit aliens is calculated from 0000 hours on the day following the day of entry. Taking 144-hour visa-free transit as an example, if a passenger enters China on December 1, 2023, the period of stay will be counted from 00:00 on December 2, 2023, and he/she can stay for a maximum of 6 days within the visa-free zone, and he/she can leave the country on or before December 7th and 24th.

Q3: What should I do if I need to stay in the visa-free zone for more than 72/144 hours due to force majeure or other reasons?

A3: You should apply to the Exit-Entry Administration Department of the Public Security Organs for the appropriate stay documents in accordance with the regulations.

Q4: Can I apply for transit visa waiver if I have not booked my next flight?

A4: No. According to the regulations, eligible foreigners applying for 72/144-hour visa-free transit are required to hold an interline ticket or relevant proof of travel to a third country or region with a confirmed date and seat within 72/144 hours.

Q5: I want to visit Wuxi. Which ports can I enter after applying for144-hour visa-free transit?

A5: After entering China through the 144-hour visa-free transit policy, foreigners are not allowed to exceed the scope of their stay area. According to the policy integration promoted by the National Immigration Administration, at present, the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai regions can link up to implement the relevant policy, and foreigners who are eligible for the transit visa-free policy canenter or exit China from any of the ports of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Seaport Port, Shanghai Railway Port, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Ningbo Dongshe International Airport, and Nanjing Lukou International Airport, and are permitted to stay for144 hours in the administrative areas of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang province (city) administrative area for 144 hours.

Q6: Can I apply for 72/144-hour visa-free transit when I depart on a business airplane without a connecting ticket?

A6: Yes. Passengers from 54 countries that fall within the scope of visa-free transit may apply to the border control authorities for 72/144-hour visa-free transit on the basis of their valid entry/exit documents, written certificates issued by the official aircraft companies containing information on the identity of the passengers, flight number, route itinerary, date of entry/exit and other information.



A1:* 72小时过境免签政策实施的城市:湖南长沙,黑龙江哈尔滨,广西桂林











A6:   可以的。属于过境免签范围的54个国家的旅客凭所持有效出入境证件、公务机公司出具的载明旅客身份信息、航班号、航线行程、出入境日期等信息的书面证明等材料,可向边检机关申请办理72/144小时过境免签。

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