How to help foreign employee to extend their work permit?

2023/12/08 14:52:24

All foreigners working in China are required to have a valid Work Permit. If the permit expires and the foreigner continues to work in China, how can he/she apply for a renewal?

First, there are two possible scenarios involved in the renewal of a work permit.

Scenario 1: The applicant changes employer but the position remains the same,in this case he/she needs to apply to for a work permit transfer procedure.

Scenario 2: The applicant has not changed the employer but has extended the period of employment, then he/she needs to apply for an extension of the work permit.

Personnel who can apply for an extension:

1. If the employer continues to employ the applicant in his/her original position (occupation), he/she shall submit an application to the decision-making body 30 days before the expiration of the validity period of the applicant's work permit in China.

2. Age is generally not over 60 years old; foreign high-end talents (Class A) may not be subject to the age limit.

Materials required for the extension:

1. Extension application form

2. New employment contract

3. Applicants' passport and valid work residence permit

4. Original foreign work permit

Extension Notes:

1. Extension of business for the work permit expiration within 90 daysto 30 days before the application to the approval body

2. In case of reappointment to a new position within the same department, including promotion from a professional position to anadministrative one, an application letter for the change of position and the corresponding supporting materials shall be submitted at thetime of extension

3. In case the applicant changes to a new position (occupation), the existing work permit shall be canceled and a new application shall be made by the new employer for a new work permit for foreigners

4. If the application for extension is made on the basis of foreign high-end talents (Category A), corresponding supporting documents must be submitted. If matters involving salary commitment are involved, a salary commitment letter, personal income tax payment records (the original "Tax Completion Certificate") consistent with the commitments made there in, and a screenshot document of individual with holding details query from the client ofthe Natural Person Electronic Taxation Bureau (with official seal) shall be submitted when applying for the extension of the work permit.

Extension of the approval period:

1. Pre-examination period: the system carries out automatic examination in two batches at 12:00 and 24:00 every day (the extension of foreign high-end talents (Category A) is subject to manual examination, witha time limit of one working day)

2. Period of acceptance: 3 working days

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