Chinese visa typies and application materials

2023/12/07 11:24:59

Since the beginning of this year, China has basically opened all types ofvisa applications, foreigners from all over the world who want tocome to China can apply for the corresponding visa to achieve, so what visas can be applied for and how to apply?

1. C visa: issued to international train attendants, international aircraft crews, crew members of ships on international voyages and their accompanying family members, and automobile drivers engaged ininternational road transport tasks.

A letter of guarantee issued by a foreign transport company or a letterof invitation issued by a relevant unit within the territory of China shall be submitted.

2. F visa: issued to persons who enter China for exchange, visit, study and other activities.

The invitation letter issued by the inviting party in China shall be submitted.

3. J1 visa: issued to resident foreign journalists of permanent offices of foreign news organizations in China; The J2 visa is issued to foreign journalists entering the country for short-term reporting.

The applicant shall go through the examination and approval proceduresand submit the relevant application materials in accordance with the provisions of China concerning the permanent offices of foreign media organizations and foreign journalists for interviews.

4. M visa: issued to persons entering the country for commercial trade activities.

A letter of invitation issued by a commercial trade partner within China shall be submitted as required.

5. Q1 visa: issued to the family members of Chinese citizens who apply forentry and residence for family reunion, the family members of foreigners with permanent residence status in China, and those who apply for entry and residence for foster care and other reasons.

Those applying for entry or residence for family reunion shall submit aletter of invitation issued by a Chinese citizen living in China or aforeigner with permanent residence status and a proof of family member relationship; those applying for entry for foster care or other reasons shall submit a power of attorney and other supporting materials;

Q2 visa: issued to relatives of Chinese citizens living in China and relatives of foreigners with permanent residence status in China who apply to enter China for short-term visits.

A letter of invitation issued by a Chinese citizen residing in China ora foreigner with permanent residence status shall be submitted.

Q1 and Q2 visa invitation object is different, Q2 visainvitation object is "relatives", Q1 visa is "family members", the scope includes: spouse, parents, parents ofspouse, children, children's spouses, siblings, grandparents,maternal grandparents, grandchildren, grandchildren.

6. R visa: Issued to foreign high-level talents and specialized talent surgently needed by the country.

It shall comply with the conditions and requirements for the introduction of high-level foreign talents and urgently needed specialized talents as determined by the relevant competent departments of the Chinese government, and submit corresponding certification materials in accordance with the provisions.

7. S1 visa: issued to spouses, parents, children under the age of 18, parents of foreigners residing in China for work, study and other purposes, and persons who need to reside in China for other personal affairs; 

S2 visa: Issued to the family members of foreigners who apply to enter China for short-term visits to relatives for work, study and other reasons to stay in China, as well as people who needto stay in China for other personal affairs.

Invitation letters issued by foreigners staying or residing in China for work, study or other purposes, proof of family relationship, or certification materials required for entry to handle private affairs shall be submitted as required.

8. X1 visa: issued to applicants for long-term study in China.

The admission notice issued by the recruiting unit and the certification materials issued by the competent department shall be submitted in accordance with the provisions;

9. Z visa is issued to persons applying to work in China.

Work permits and other certification materials shall be submitted inaccordance with regulations.

10. L visa for visitors to China.

Round-tripair tickets and hotel orders should be submitted (should include the applicant's name and other information); Or an invitation letter issued by a unit (travel agency, etc.) or an individual in China (both sides of the copy of the inviter's ID card should be attached)

11. D visa for permanent residence in China.

The original and photocopy of the Foreigner's Permanent Residence Status Confirmation Form in China shall be submitted

12. G visa for transit through China.

A copy of the connecting plane (car, boat) ticket of the confirmed date to the country (region) should be submitted






























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