Recruiting Details

Job Details

• Aug , 2024, 

• IB PYP Teacher of Music in Elementary and Kindergarten

• Changsha

Candidates should have:

• Bachelor’s degree or above (major in music)

• More than 2 years of relevant teaching experience

• Excellent communication skills

•The ability to deliver an appropriately broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated Music curriculum for all students

•Contribution to the co-curricular programme and whole-school activities in a committed and enthusiastic manner 

• The ability to work cooperatively and supportively with all members of staff 

• Experience with IB (desirable but not essential).

Job Description

• Aware of content and pedagogy in music within school context 

• Plan and prepare lessons for music class according to specified scope and sequence


• Maintaining class records 

• Conduct classes according to IB standards of practice 

• Class management skills 

• Class ethos of respect for diverse ethnic communities 

• Plan collaboratively with music department for progressive music development across grades 

• Work and collaborate with Homeroom teachers for music specialist link 

• Work with Homeroom to prepare for Assemblies, special events, Winter Concert 

• Collaborate with all relevant departments for special events planning 

• Attend all relevant meetings as prescribed by school and department 

• Be prepared to enrich school culture by volunteering for committees, events support, etc. 

• Experience in Choir arrangement 

• This includes but is not limited to the job functions involved with the position.

Compensation and benefit package

• Competitive salary

• Annual gratuity

• Housing allowance

• Healthcare/Medical Insurance

• Free tuition fee for up to two children

• Airfare allowance

• Summer Traveling Subsidy

• Working Visa Processing fee

• Shipping fee

• Full-pay holidays

• Professional development

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