How to apply for a work visa in China

2023/08/07 13:35:48

Many foreigners in China, through the company's interview process andsuccessfully get the offer, how to apply for a work visa in China?

Then for foreigners who need to join Chinese companies in the near future, the editor has also sorted out the application guide that can apply for foreigners' work permit in China (working in China for more than 90 days), to provide convenience for foreigners working in China:

I. Application conditions

(1)The basic conditions of the employing unit

1. Established according to law, no record of serious violations of law and dishonesty; The positions employed by foreigners should be those with special needs, which are temporarily short of suitable candidates in China and do not violate the relevant regulations ofthe State; The wages and salaries paid to foreigners employed shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standards.

2. If laws and regulations stipulate that the industry competent authorities shall pre-approve, approval shall be required.

(2) The basic conditions of the applicant

1. must be at least 18 years of age, in good health, no criminal record, havea confirmed employer in the territory, and have the necessary professional skills or appropriate level of knowledge to perform their work.

2. The work is in line with the needs of China's economic and social development, and is an urgent domestic shortage of professionals.

3. If laws and regulations provide otherwise for foreigners to work in China, such provisions shall prevail.

(3) The type of work permit applied for

Foreign high-end Talents (Category A)

Foreign high-end talents refer to those scientists, leading scientific and technological talents, international entrepreneurs, specialized and special talents who meet the requirements of "advanced, sophisticated and outstanding" and market demand-oriented, and are required by China's economic and social development, as well as those who meet the standards of foreign high-end talents. Top foreign talent is not limited by age, education or work experience. For details, see Work Classification Standard for Foreigners in China (Trial).

Foreign Professionals (Category B)

Foreign professionals refer to those who meet the work guidance directory and job requirements of foreigners in China, are in urgent need of economic and social development, have a bachelor's degree or above and 2 years or more of relevant work experience, and should be no more than 60 years old; For those in real need, those who meet the standards for innovative and entrepreneurial talents, professional skills, outstanding foreign graduates, those who meet the standards for foreign professionals who score points, and those who implementinter governmental agreements or agreements, restrictions on age, education or work experience may be appropriately relaxed. For details, see Work Classification Standard for Foreigners in China (Trial). Where the State has provisions for specialized personnel and personnel for government projects, such provisions shall prevail.

Foreign General (Category C)

Foreign ordinary personnel refer to other foreign personnel who meet the needs of the domestic labor market and conform to the provisions of State policies, for details, see the Work Classification Standards for Foreigners in China (Trial).

II. The conditions for applying for a work permit for foreigners in China

Underany of the following circumstances, the applicant may directly apply for a foreigner's work permit in China, and all the application materials shall be submitted according to the Notice of Application for Foreigner's Work Permit and the application for Foreigner's Work Permit:

(1) Foreign high-end talents who have entered the country with othervisas or valid residence documents (Category A);

(2) The foreigner working in China changes the employer, but the job position (occupation) has not changed, and the residence permit for work is within the validity period;

(3) Foreign spouses or children of Chinese citizens, spouses or children of foreigners permanently residing or working in China, holding valid visas or residence permits within the validity period;

(4) in line with the free trade zone, comprehensive innovation and reformpilot zone relevant preferential policies;

(5) The employer meets the relevant preferential policies for theregional headquarters of multinational companies in China;

(6) The movement of personnel within the enterprise group;

(7) Implementation of intergovernmental agreements or agreements;

(8) Representatives of organizations in China who have lawfully entered the country with work visas; A foreigner who has obtained a work permit to work in China for less than 90 days and is lawfully employed by a domestic employer within the validity period of his/herstay;

(9) Other examination and approval authorities determined to meet the conditions.



























(8)已持工作签证依法入境的驻华机构代表人员;已获得来华工作90 日以下的外国人来华工作许可,在其停留有效期内,被境内用人单位依法聘用的;


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