Recruiting Details

Job Details

Start Date: Mid-August

Location: Shinan District, Qingdao

Working Hours: 7:40 AM to 4:30 PM, with weekends and national holidays off. In the event that weekend market activities require attendance, arrangements for compensatory time off can be made.

Key Qualifications and Requirements:

· A minimum of 3-5 years of experience in early childhood education, with a genuine affection for children and a willingness to engage with them actively.

· Native English speakers.

· Demonstrated high levels of work initiative, punctuality, and a strong sense of teamwork. A creative and innovative mindset is essential, along with an outgoing personality, emotional stability, and a positive, energetic demeanor.

· The ability to create a lively and engaging classroom atmosphere is highly desirable, with musical talents such as guitar playing and singing being a plus.

· A commitment to stability and a willingness to contribute meaningfully to the kindergarten's mission and growth.

Responsibilities include teaching English courses (such as language classes, science lessons, and storybook sessions) and other subjects designed to stimulate children's curiosity and interest. Active participation in various kindergarten activities, including marketing and enrollment events, is expected.

· A proactive approach to collaborating with and adapting to other tasks and arrangements as assigned by the kindergarten during working hours.

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