Recruiting Details

Job Details

- Bachelor Degree (in any major)


- 23-55 years old

- Number of Vacancies 1

- Preferred Starting Time 25th Aug

- Primary School

- Students per class (on average): 40

- All relevant visa documentation is provided so that you can apply for, and obtain, your Chinese Z Working Visa before traveling to China.

- Full guidance, consultation and support is provided to all teachers throughout the entire process.

- Teachers will also have access to a full range of lesson plans, teaching resources, teaching and classroom aides and upon arrival be connected to our extensive social media platform where teachers can lesson share etc

- Most students will also have a good understanding of reading, writing, listening and grammar

- Generally 24 teaching classes per week, Each class is 40-45 minutes in duration

- Provide all teachers with a fully furnished, fully self contained apartment for the entire contract term (including holidays etc)

Salary and benefits:

- 16000-18000 RMB aftex tax per month, negotiable  

- Airfare is reimbursed towards the end of the contract term - Exact details will be outlined in your formal employment contract

- Contract for One academic year (10-11 months).

- 5 days per week. Classes are scheduled between Monday to Friday - during the daytime.

- Paid holidays: Approximately 3 weeks in total

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