Recruiting Details

Job Details

Subject To Teach: Academic writing and Spoken English

Teaching Hours per week: 16-20 teaching hours (an hour =45 minutes)

Duration of each class: 90 Minutes/Class with 10 minute

Working Days per week: 5 Days per week

Students’ Age: 18-20

Class Size: 25

Foreign Teachers Requirements

Nationality: UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

Numbers Needed: 2

Degree: MA or BA with teaching experience

Major: Computer Science or Electronic Engineering are preferred; Or other majors

Age Required:  35-60

Teaching Experience:  2 years +

Arrival time:  Aug. 2024

Contract Length:  12 months (11 months payment, 2 months holiday full pay with no work )

Salary:  BA 15K before tax; MA 16K before tax

Airfare Allowance: Yes

Travel Allowance: None

Insurance: Yes

Apartment: Standard

Utility: Covered

Meals Offered? Breakfast and Lunch for 5 yuan

Over Work Allowance: None

Holidays: Yes

Paid Holidays: Yes, two months (January and August) and other public holidays

Visa:  Z visa

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