Recruiting Details

Job Details

●  Jiangxia District, Wuhan, China.

●  International school

●  Grade 1-6

●  14-15 students small group and 28-30 students large group

●  need Teaching License

●  20-22 lessons (10 new lesson plans) per week.

●  School self-choosen curriculum. Phonics, Vocabulary and reading.

●  Monthly Training and before school training.

●  7:40am to 4:30 pm

Salary and benefits

●  1 bedroom and 1 living room outside of school.

●  house stipend: 2,000 RMB per month (12 months a year.)

●  Good commercial insurance.

●  international round trip (Up to 12,000 RMB)

●  Professional team support.

●  Professional team will offer good information and guidence.

●  28K per month, 12 month a year for a candidate with Bachelor degree, 2 years

●  above experience in school.

●  Teaching license will obtain 2K more. Master Degree will obtain extra 2K.

●  Doctor degree will obtain 3K more.

●  yearly bonus: 21k RMB each semester, 2 semesters a year.

●  Following Chinese government holiday arrangement, 4 weeks winter vacation and 6 weeks summer vacation.

●  2 years serviced for the school, teacher can have 60% off of the school fee. 4 years serviced for the school, teacher can have 80% off of the school fee.


●  Hold at least Bachelor degree or above

●  Hold TESOL, TEFL,CELTA or equivalent certificates

●  Related teaching experience prefer

●  Speak Standard English.

●  Native Speakers from US, UK, Canada

●  Meet other requirements for Working Z-visa.

●  Recommendation Letter (s) 

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