Recruiting Details

Job Details

1. Wuhan

2. Starting Date: September

3. Students: kindergarten students aged 3-6;

4. Working times: 8:00am to 5:30pm with lunch break from 12am to 2pm;

5. Working days: Monday to Friday;

6. The number of students: around 10-20;

7. One-year contract 



1. about RMB 20K-24k/m;

2. 1 month’ s paid winter  holiday;

3. commercial insurance provided;

4. A work visa (Z-visa) will be provided;

5. Housing rent and utilities paid by the school or 4/5000 per month housing allowance;

6. Three Free meals and one hour office time per day;

7. Flight allowance:12K

8. contract fulfillment bonus provided.


1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. TEFL/TESOL certificate

3. Native speakers from America, British, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand preferably young or middle aged; For South african applicant, must be education major. 

4. At least one or two years' teaching experience;

5. Two reference letters from previous school.

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