What should foreigners pay attention to when changing jobs ?

2023/12/25 10:09:33

The application for foreign work in China is relatively complicated, and generally needs to go through the following processes: Chinese employer offer> Application for foreign investment by employers > Notice of application for foreigner work permit in China > Z-visa > Entry > Work Permit in China > Work permit in China > Work residence permit in China.

When foreigners need to change their employment units, they must apply for the transfer process of foreigners' work permits at the same time. If the work unit has changed, but the work permit has not changed, it is considered illegal employment.

1. What are the requirements for job transfer?

Foreigners working in China who change employers, but the job position (occupation) has not changed, and the work residence permit is within the validity period, can apply for the transfer process in China.

Foreigners who have changed jobs and do not meet the requirements of applying for work permits in other countries should apply again after leaving the country according to the procedures mentioned in the first paragraph of this article.

2. What are the procedures for transfer?

It is necessary to cancel the original work permit for the transfer of employment, and the employer shall cancel it within 10 days after the applicant leaves office. At the same time, the applicant needs to change the residence permit.

3. What information do I need for a transfer?

> Original work permit cancellation certificate

> Documents related to the termination of employment relationship by the former employer

> New company employment contract and related company information

> Application for work permit in China

> Applicant's passport, previous Chinese work permit and residence permit scan

> Applicant's electronic photo

> Accommodation Registration

4. How long does the transfer process usually take?

It usually takes about a month

Foreigners who intend to change jobs should understand the relevant procedures in advance, and negotiate with their former employer in advance to confirm the time of resignation and work permit cancellation, so as not to affect the subsequent work in China.



















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