Recruiting Details

Job Details

• Music teacher

• Aug 2024 

• Department :MS&HS teaching department

• Reports to HoD or Academic leader

• Changsha


• Undertake class management as a class teacher.

• Complete teaching plans on time and to a high standard.

• Teach Music lessons independently.

• Assess regularly the students’ Art literacies by means of formative and formal termly/half-termly assessments, as directed by the school. Communicate regarding

any student whose progress or behavior gives cause for concern.

• Monitor and evaluate constantly the effectiveness of your own teaching, maintaining good standards of practice and ensuring progression. Work collaboratively and effectively with other teachers if needed.

• Be involved in developing, implementing and monitoring all School policies regarding visual art, and to assist in the necessary documentation pertaining to the subject, where required by the School.

• Assist with the resourcing of music to improve teaching quality.

• Participate fully in the Staff Appraisal system, with classroom observation of colleagues and a willingness to be personally observed within the classroom.

Submit books, records or planning as required for monitoring by colleagues.

Pastoral care

• Contribute to the holistic well-being of all pupils and specifically to those assigned to your individual care.

• Apply consistently and diligently the rules of the school in order to maintain discipline, standards of dress and to safeguard the happiness, safety and well-being of all students, to ensure that students know, understand and follow the school rules.

• Provide opportunities for the community to be involved in pupils’ and setting success.

CCA or Clubs

• To provide CCA or Clubs curriculum weekly if needed.

• To organize school Art show and other visual art activities as per the required


• Experience working in a bilingual or international school.

• To participate in the staff meetings as per the required.

• To undertake school duties as per the Duty Rotas.

• To undertake night duties weekly.

• To deliver demo classes for marketing purpose

• Make parents feel welcome and build good relationship with parents.

• Introduce information regarding Visual Art curriculum through parent information events.

• Collect information of pupils’ interests and growth from parents.

• Stimulate pupils’ study by making use of parents’ strengths.

• Provide consultations and support to parents’ enquiries.

• Communicate with parents on a regular basis.


• Bachelor’s degree or above

• Majored in music.

• Ability to teach in English or bilingual (in English and Chinese).

• A minimum of 2 years full-time teaching experience in middle and high schools where English is the main teaching language

• IBDP experience is preferred.

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