Recruiting Details

Job Details

●  Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province,

●  about 18 class hours of teaching tasks per week.

●  provides accommodation, lunch, water and electricity to help solve children's enrollment (care),

●  Holidays within the contract period are paid, legal holidays in China and Christmas holidays

●  After-tax monthly salary from 8000 to 15000CNY,negotiable

●  assessment reward of 3,000 start from second school year

●  about 1500CNY for transportation subsidies and travel subsidies during the semester.

●  public school, and the place where foreign teachers live is a fully furnished one-story building in a small courtyard.

●  need 1 to 2 English teachers

●  students aged 15 to 21


●  Hold at least Bachelor degree or above

●  Hold TESOL, TEFL,CELTA or equivalent certificates

●  Related teaching experience prefer

●  Speak Standard English.

●  Native Speakers from US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa in China now

●  Meet other requirements for Working Z-visa.

●  Recommendation Letter (s) 

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