Recruiting Details

Job Details

• An international school in Shunyi District, Beijing

• Current demand: (The high school will only consider candidates who are in China or who can come into China with other visas first. Urgent, urgent, get on the job immediately)

1. Kindergarten: 1 person, head teacher position, prefer female, native-speaking foreign teachers are accepted (overseas candidates are accepted, and will be available immediately or in one month, priority will be given to countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia)

2. High school: 1 person teaches AP English (high school only considers domestic candidates, urgent, urgent, will be available immediately)

3. Kindergarten: 8 people, (mainly the director position, female foreign teachers prefer)

4. Primary school: 8 vacancies, teach English

5. Middle school: 1 junior high school English, 1 international perspective (liberal arts/sociology), 2 high school English only accept British, American, Canadian, Australian, Irish, New Zealand

Kindergarten salary: 28-32k before tax,

primary school salary: 32+35k before tax,

high school English salary: 35-38k before tax,

high school subject 35-40k (full salary during winter and summer vacations),

free admission for children,

air ticket allowance 8,000 yuan/year ,

various festival expenses throughout the year total 6,000 yuan/year,

free meals and other benefits.

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