Foreign professionals (Category B) need to meet the conditions

2023/11/02 09:33:07

1.Foreign professionals with a bachelor's degree or above and at least 2 years of relevant work experience. Meet one of the following provisions:

(1) Managers or professional and technical personnel engaged inscientific research, teaching and management in the special fields of education, scientific research, news, publication, culture, art, health, sports, etc.

(2) For the personnel executing the agreements between Chinese and foreign governments, agreements between international organizations, Sino-foreign trade and engineering contracts, the age requirements for the personnel dispatched by internationally renowned academic institutions and scientific and educational international organizations shall be relaxed in accordance with the provisions ofthe agreements on intergovernmental exchange and cooperation.

(3) Personnel employed by the representative offices of international organizations in China and representatives of foreign expert organizations in China.

(4) Middle-levelor above employees dispatched by multinational companies, chief representatives and representatives of resident representative offices of foreign enterprises in China.

(5) Foreign managers or professional and technical personnel employed by various enterprises, public institutions and social organizations.

2. Holding international general vocational skills qualification certificates orskilled talents in urgent need.

3. foreign language teaching personnel.

4. Foreign talents whose average wage income is not less than 4 times the average social wage income of the previous year in the region.

5.Specialized personnel and project implementation personnel who meet the requirements of relevant state departments.

6. Professionals who score more than 60 points.

Notes for foreigners applying for work visas:

1.Foreigners have no bad record in their home country and can notviolate Chinese laws and regulations after entering the country

2. Foreigners who change their names need to apply for a certificate of name change and be certified by the Chinese Embassy

3. If the university degree does not reflect a bachelor's degree, acertificate equivalent to a Chinese bachelor's degree must be issued in the local education bureau

4. For foreigners with multi-national passports, the status of the entry visa and the status of the application for the work visa must be consistent

5. Foreign Chinese who have acquired foreign nationality are required tosubmit Chinese household registration cancellation certificates

6. Companies employing foreigners must operate legally and have a real office address

7. The employment of foreigners is true (there is a labor contract)

8. Foreigners may not work in other companies after obtaining work permits and work visas.





















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