Recruiting Details

Job Details

●  University teacher 

●  Guangzhou

●  asap

●  Native English speakers who meet work visa requirement only 

Job description:

●The students are English major undergraduates, non-English major undergraduates or graduate students as well as double degree English majors (whose classes are in the evenings or on weekends). 

●The class size is usually around 30 for mandatory courses, and varies for elective courses. 

●Foreign teachers will teach 16 hours (40 minutes per hour) every week, usually more than one course (usually two). 

●The courses might be oral English, writing, western culture, and occasionally literature, reading and listening etc. (Please note that you are expected to be capable of teaching not only basic oral English course, but also advanced courses like western culture, writing or literature though we will not force you to teach any one of them.)

●A semester usually has 19 weeks. Teachers teach 16 weeks every semester and then have the final exams. Teachers will need to prepare final exams and grade the test papers.

● The campus is very beautiful, just like a park.



●The salary 11,000 yuan monthly for 12 months (before income tax). 

● Provides personal accident insurance, no medical insurance. 

●For accommodation, the university provides an apartment of about 30 square meters (a studio) on campus, which has a balcony, a kitchen and a bathroom (see the picture below), and you will need to pay about 800 yuan as rental. The apartment is equipped with basic furniture and electrical appliances, excluding private things like quilts, pillows, bed sheets etc. If you live outside, there is no accommodation subsidy. (The rental for the apartment on campus might seem a little high but for an apartment like that outside the campus, you have to pay at least 3 000.) 

●There is no airfare reimbursement or travel subsidy. (The salary actually includes airfare reimbursement and accommodation subsidy.)

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