Recruiting Details

Job Details

●  School: Zhangjiagang Public Schools

●  Job Title : Full Time English Teacher vacancy: 7

●  Main Duties

·   teach English, Reading, Writing, and Speaking skills

·   Taking responsibility for the progress of all classes taught · 

●  Maximum 20 teaching hours per week

●  NO office hours

●  Primary school, Grade 1-4


●  Monthly salary 21,000-22,000 RMB per month after tax require office hours +18 teaching hours per week ( each class is 40 mins, contract may state 24 teaching hours as there is class reschedule sometimes due to holidays) .

  Monthly salary 18K after tax, require no office hours with only 18 teaching hours per week (same as above) .

●Free accommodation, Free utilities, Free internet · 

●  All paid official holidays, Winter Holiday paid (Usually 3-4 weeks) · 

●  5000 RMB air ticket reimbursement · 

●  Accident Insurance and Commercial Medical insurance

●  Visa and Foreign Expert Certificate provided


●  Native Speakers

●  Bachelor or above degree

●  TEFL certificate or 2 years teaching experience preferred (It is possible to do a TEFL in China.) 

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