Recruiting Details

Job Details

●  Number of Vacancies :4

●  Preferred Starting Time :September 1 st, 2023 start

●  How many students per class (on average)? 15-20

●  What level of Institution is the school? Kindergarten

●  Will the school process and provide teachers with all relevant, authorized Chinese Z Working Visa documentation? Yes

●  Full guidance is provided throughout the entire process

●  Provide the teaching curriculum?

●  What is the Students English level:Beginner

●  How many class hours per week? 20 Classes/Week


●  Gender :Unspecified

●  Education Background :TESOL/TEFL

●  Bachelor Degree (in any major)

●  Age limit: 25-55

●  Major required :Unspecified

●  Preferred nationality :USA ,UK, Can , Aus, NZ


●  Monthly salary 18000--20000 RMB/Yuan

●  A tax receipt/payment document will be provided to our teachers towards the end of the contract term

●  20-30 Minutes/Class

●  Will the school reimburse teachers airfare? Yes

●  One academic year (12 months). Teachers are more than welcome to resign/renew contracts. We encourage this as it provides continuity of teaching for our students and school administration.

●  5 Days per week ,8 hours every day required

●  Provide a free fully furnished, fully self contained apartment

●  PAID Holidays during the contract term in total approx 11 days

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