Recruiting Details

Job Details

● Primary class teacher

● Rizhao city, Shandong province

● Student age range: 6-12 years old

● Class size: About 5 students

●Weekly class time: Weekdays from Monday to Friday, 7:30AM-16:00PM working time, one hour break at noon, school lunch.

● Duration of each class: no more than 1 hour, has office hours, informal teaching time is planning time

● Expected starting time of foreign teachers: August 1, 2023

● Contract term: 1 year

Payment terms

●Salary: 20K-26K (before tax), individual tax according to Chinese foreign teachers Tax rate calculation. In addition to salary, after 1 year contract, 3% of 1 year's total base salary is paid as a gratuity. 

●There is an annual performance review and a salary increase for good performance. If the teacher is particularly good, the salary can be increased. Salary level is calculated according to individual qualifications.

● 2 months probation period, fully paid

● Get paid on the last day of the month

● The salary will be paid from the first month of employment, without delay

●Full pay winter and summer vacation. According to the school calendar, there are about 150 days of rest throughout the year (summer vacation is about 2 months, winter vacation is about 1 month, etc.), during the school calendar vacation, there is a salary, and the normal salary is paid

● Airfare allowance: Yes

● Is a work visa available: Yes

●Whether the visa is reimbursed, the amount and time of reimbursement: reimbursement of domestic residence permit processing fees, post-entry medical examination fees

● Whether a travel allowance is provided: No

● Whether holiday allowance is available: No

● Is health insurance available? Yes, hospitalization insurance is available

●Accommodation for foreign teachers: housing allowance, 3,000 yuan per month, the school can assist foreign teachers to find an intermediary to rent a house.

Does the foreign teacher apartment meet the standards of the Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs? Yes

● Who pays for water and electricity: foreign teachers

●Urban population: The total population of Rizhao is more than 3.06 million, and the urban population is 1.47 million

● School pick up: Yes, Rizhao Airport

●The school provides courses and foreign teachers prepare for teaching according to the guidelines


● Native speakers

● Male prefer

● Education: Bachelor degree or above

● TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate: preferably, not mandatory

● Teaching experience: 2 years or above relevant teaching experience

● Age: 20-45 years old

● Other requirements: Work visa is available

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