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Job Details

●Specialist PHD holders needed in guangdong province.   

●Great package.

●There are 129 positions in enterprises and public institutions requiring doctoral talents


Major including optoelectronic, mechanical;

Solid state physics, semiconductor physics, optoelectronics, material physics, condensed matter physics, applied physics, microelectronics, electronic information science and technology, clinical medical experts;

Immunology, Biology, biopharmaceutical, biomedicine, pharmacology, pharmacy, etc;

Analytical chemistry;

Electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave, communication engineering, mechanical engineering, etc;

Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology, Optical Engineering;

Food and nutrition, Life science, dietetics, etc;

Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Synthetic Biology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pharmaceutical Design, Chemical Biology, carbohydrate drug Research, research based on microecology, metabolic disease research (including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular), Neuropsychiatric disease research, Immune disease research, Infectious disease Research, Bioinformatics, Safety assessment, molecular imaging, animal models of disease, clinical pharmaceutical or pharmacological research, gene therapy; 

Electrical engineering and automation, automation, building electrical and intelligent, power system, relay protection; 

Welding and Non-destructive Testing, Materials Science and Engineering, Metal Materials Engineering, Material Forming and Control Engineering;


Scientific research teachers with project development experience in small unmanned vehicle system, machine vision, machine learning, automatic control and other related fields

Postdoctoral inbound work, etc

Teachers major in Business Administration, Mathematics, Physical Education, Finance and Finance, International Trade, Electronic Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology, Science, Mechanical Engineering, Fashion Design and Engineering, Art, Architecture, etc and Doctors with clinical work ability.

PhD candidates are cordially invited to apply for further information

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