Recruiting Details

Job Details

- Teaching English songs and picture books

- Weekly class hours: About 5 classes per week in July and August, about 10 classes per week starting in September, and teaching and research work will be done during non-class time

- Weekly office hours: Wednesday to Sunday

- Student age: 5-12 years old

- Number of students: 15-20 people

- How long does each class last? 45-60 minutes


- Nationality requirement: British, American, Australian or Canadian

- Number of foreign teachers required: 1

- Education requirement: None

- Professional requirement: None, education is preferred

- Gender requirement: Female

- Age: 40 years old or younger is preferred

- Teaching experience: More than 2 years of children's education. Female teachers with British, American, Australian or Canadian nationality, who can play a musical instrument and can lead children to sing simple nursery rhymes

- Required time to arrive: Late June to early July


- Salary 20K-30K (before tax)

- Air ticket allowance

- 2 days off per week and Chinese statutory holidays off

- Winter and summer vacation schedule: None

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