Recruiting Details

Job Details

· 8k Kindergarten 

· bilingual teaching assistant 

· Guangzhou

· 8:30am-4pm


· Bachelor degree in Education or relevant license will be prioritised.

· Have experience in working as teaching assistant.

·Understanding of child development and current educational practices.

· Creative teaching abilities, patience, flexibility, strong communication skills, and the ability to keep up with educational trends

Job Descriptions:

· Report to Lead Teacher.

· Collaboratively work with faculty and staff.

· Assist with the implementation of lesson plans and educational activities.

· Help maintain a safe and organized learning environment.

· Engage with children during lessons and playtime to facilitate learning and social interaction.

· Work with individual students or small groups to reinforce learning objectives.

· Prepare and organize teaching materials and resources.

· Observe and report on student behavior and progress. 

· Liaise with parents and staff to support the children's educational journey.

· Capable to supervise children during lessons, meal time,playground time,ensure a safe and nurturing learning environment.

· Assist to plan and participate in the parent teacher conference.

· Attend regular class evaluation planning meeting with Education Director and teaching assistants..


· 8k 幼儿园

· 双语助教

· 广州

· 上午 8:30 至下午 4 点


· 教育学学士学位或相关执照将被优先考虑。

· 有助教工作经验。


· 创造性的教学能力、耐心、灵活性、较强的沟通能力以及跟上教育趋势的能力


· 向班主任汇报。

· 与教职员工合作。

· 协助实施课程计划和教育活动。

· 帮助维持一个安全、有组织的学习环境。

· 在课程和游戏时间与孩子互动,以促进学习和社交互动。

· 与个别学生或小组合作,强化学习目标。

· 准备和组织教材和资源。

· 观察并报告学生的行为和进步。

· 与家长和工作人员联络,支持孩子的教育之旅。

· 能够在上课、用餐时间、游乐场时间监督孩子,确保安全和培育的学习环境。

· 协助计划并参加家长教师会议。

· 与教育总监和助教一起参加定期的班级评估计划会议。

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