Recruiting Details

Job Details

• To be responsible for the administration and educational leadership of the Elementary and Secondary section


• Beijing

• A foreign principal


• Consider Singaporeans or European and American candidates

• Below 50,

• The academic background should be strong, have a good knowledge of the IB MYP system.

• Don't change jobs too frequently.

• Master degree or higher in Education Administration/Leadership

• Master degree or higher in Teaching/Education

• Minimum three years experience in education administration

• Minimum five years experience in Secondary teaching

• Excellent human relationship skills

• Deep understanding of Chinese and Western culture

• Demonstrated ability to plan and implement

Responsibilities and Tasks

1) Administration

• To be a responsible member of the School Management Team by providing for the effective day-to-day management of the School

• To oversee student admission in consultation with the Executive Principals

• To oversee student placement in association with the School Academic Counselor

• To oversee daily operational matters such as student records, facilities management, effective supervision of the student, etc

• To be responsible for the deployment of teachers and the assignment of their responsibilities, in consultation with the Executive Principal

• To work to further strengthen the relationships and cooperation between the school and parents

• To identify and cultivate leadership among staff

• To liaise with the Executive Principals to ensure that the school is in compliance with all statutory and regulatory matters promulgated by the Beijing Education


• To lead regular staff meetings

• To support the development and implementation of the Educational Program

• To contribute to its department and whole school strategic planning and implementation

2) Academic

• To coordinate its department curriculum planning, development, and implementation in coordination with the Executive Principal, Director of Development, and Heads of Faculties/Departments

• To be in charge of some subject teaching

• To coordinate on-going curriculum mapping, development, and evaluation

• To oversee delivery of its department curriculum, instructional, and assessment plans

• To oversee disciplinary matters involving students which originate in or out of school, and liaise with Executive Principal as necessary

• To monitor staff performance and curriculum delivery, in association with the Executive Principal

• To monitor student progress through the Academic staff

• To plan for its department staff Professional Development

3) General

• To develop, maintain, and reinforce the highest standard of staff performance and professionalism

• To promote respect, courtesy, and teamwork among students and staff

• To liaise with members of the School Leadership Board and the Executive Staff on a regular basis to ensure cohesion, good working relationships, and a positive, unified corporate outlook

• To support all areas and aspects of promotion and student recruitment in close consultation with the Director of Development

• To develop and maintain positive, cooperative, and beneficial relationships with parents of current and prospective students, alumni, other schools, vendors, and other stakeholders in the local community

• To oversee the review and maintenance of the Student, Teacher, Staff, and Dormitory Handbooks, and make recommendations to the Executive Principals related to policy considerations

• To create and maintain systems to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of staff and students within the its department facilities


• Accommodation provided

• Waiver of up to two children’s tuition fees

• Annual flight allowance

• Professional development opportunities

• National and commercial health care insurance

• Free meals in school canteen during workdays (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

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