Recruiting Details

Job Details

- 1-2 English teachers needed in University, 

- Yinchuan

- Mainly teach spoken English - classes, 12-16 hours per week

- no office hours


- Preferably native English speakers (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

- under 65 years old

- preferably with more than two years of work experience in the field of education

Benefits package:

- salary: 8000 bachelor, 8500 master, 9000 doctor

- provides an annual travel allowance of 12,000 yuan and a meal allowance of 3,000 yuan.

- apartment with a wide range of facilities.

- the school will hold training courses sometimes, two class hours 300 yuan, about 20class hours per month, if joinning these courses, the total monthly salary will be 14K or more.

- 4 months of vacation every year, no paid during summer and winter holidays

Contract period: 12 months (10 months paid), for example May 1, 24 - April 31, 25 (no paid in February and August)

- Winter holiday start from early January, new semester starts from the end of February and early March, summer holiday starts from early July, new semester starts fromearly September.

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