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2024/01/26 15:29:43

On January 15, according to the Beijing Chaoyang District Development and Reform Commission news, the Music Co., LTD., an American naturalperson investor invested in Beijing, successfully obtained a business license in Beijing Chaoyang District on January 10, which is thefirst time that Beijing has completed the online identity authentication of investors holding "foreign (regional) passports" through "online collection of facial information", marking the Chaoyang District in Beijing to take the lead in realizing the foreign natural person investors to complete the establishment of enterprises through the entire online registration, and so far, foreign natural persons investing and registering enterprises in Beijing can realize the one-stop service of "self-declaration, online verification and real-time approval".

A staff member of the music company, explained that the online authentication program is very convenient, eliminating the need for companies to submit identity documents, notarization and authentication documents on site. Identity authentication can be completed online through a mini-program, saving time, effort andcost.

It is understood that in the past, when foreign natural person investors holding "foreign (regional) passports" handle the establishment of enterprises in Beijing, they need to submit their identification documents, notarization and certification documents onthe spot.

By collecting facial information online for identity authentication, itgreatly reduces the preparation time for business application materials, simplifies the application process, and further facilitates the investment and business development of foreignnatural persons in Beijing. It should be noted that foreign natural persons using online identity authentication services must have visited China before.

If you want to register a company, pls consulting the local bureau first.





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