What need to pay attention to after getting Permanent Residence?

2024/01/25 12:46:18

1. The China Permanent Resident Identity Card is the legal identity document for foreigners who have been granted the status of permanent residence in China to reside in China, and can be used alone.

2. When a foreigner who has obtained the status of permanent residence in China enters or leaves the country, he/she does not need a visa and is not limited in the number of times he/she can enter or leave the country, but he/she needs to use his/her permanent residence ID card and passport at the same time.

3. Foreigners who have been granted the status of permanent residence in China are not required to check in advance whether a hotel or hostel can accept them, but they can also use their permanent residence ID cards to stay in hotels and hostels and must cooperate with them in the accommodation procedures. However, if a foreigner resides or stays in a place other than a hotel, he or she is still required to declare his or her temporary accommodation registration to the public security authorities of the place where he or she resides within 24 hours after checking in. Those responsible for not declaring their accommodation registration to the public security authorities or staying with a foreigner who does not hold a valid ID will be penalized with a warning or a fine in accordance with the law, even if the foreigner is granted the status of permanent residence in China.

4. China's permanent residence ID cards are valid for five or ten years, and you must apply for a replacement within one month of the expiration date. If the ID card is damaged or lost, you need to apply for a replacement or reissue in a timely manner.

5. A foreigner who has been approved to reside permanently in China shall, after obtaining the permanent residence status, reside in China for a cumulative period of not less than three months each year. If there is a practical need that prevents them from residing in China for a cumulative period of three months each year, they must obtain approval from the public security department or bureau of the province/autonomous region/municipality directly under the central government where they have taken up permanent residence, provided that their cumulative period of residence in China shall not be less than one year in a period of five years.

The Ministry of Public Security may revoke a foreigner's permanent residence status in China, and at the same time collect his/her Alien Permanent Residence Permit or declare it null and void, if the foreigner who is qualified for permanent residence in China has any of the following circumstances: 1. He/she is likely to pose a danger to the national security and interests of the country; 2. He/she has been sentenced to deportation by a people's court; 3. He/she has obtained the status of permanent residence in China fraudulently through illegal means such as the provision of false materials; 4. The permanent residence status in China is obtained by fraudulent means such as providing false materials; 4. Unauthorized residence in China is less than three months per year or less than one year within five years.




4.中国永久居留身份证的有效期为五年或者十年,需要在证件有效期满前1 个月以内申请换发。如遇证件损坏或者遗失的,需要及时申请换发或者补发。



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