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• 国际高中化学老师

• 薪资:1.5-3万

• 地点:上海-闵行区  


Responsibilities: 职责

1) plan and teach lessons for high school leaners. 高中化学课程的备课与教学

2) differentiate instruction to meet student’s individual learning needs and styles; 因材施教

3) employ a constructivist, inquiry-based pedagogical approach to teaching and learning that promotes inquiry and the development of critical-thinking skills; 采用建构主义、探究式教学法激发学生探究,培养批判性思维

4) provide learning experiences that build on what students know and can do; 教学要以学生已有的知识和能力为基础

5) support the development of international-mindedness and all attributes of learner profile within the curriculum; 教学中帮助学生培养国际意识和人文素养

6) use technology as a vehicle for learning and integrate ict skills teaching within instruction where appropriate; 运用现代技术教学,将ict技术用于教学中

7) employ a range of teaching and learning strategies to promote independent thinking, inquiry and acquisition of subject specific knowledge and skills;采用各种教学策略提高学生独立思考和探究式学习技能

8) foster a stimulating learning environment based on understanding and respect. 相互理解和尊重,营造良好的学习环境 。

Qualification requirements: 任职资格

1) be able to teach in English. those with experience of study or work abroad are preferred. 通用英语授课,具有海外学习或工作经历者优先

2)master or higher degree with teacher certification,over two years’ related work experience 硕士以上学历,具有教师资格证,3-5年相关工作经验。

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