What are the qualifications to apply for a work permit?

2024/01/10 11:41:30

As we all know, you can apply for a private affairs residence permit after applying for an S1 visa. However, in fact, the private affairs category is also divided into many categories. Here is a brief introduction:

Foreigner's residence permit for private affairs (marked "domestic service"):

1. Must be handled in person

2. Submit proof of domestic personal accident insurance purchased for hiring domestic service personnel

3. Submit a financial guarantee issued by the employer (proof of freezing of domestic bank deposits of more than 100,000 yuan)

4. Submit the application letter and employment contract issued by the employer

5. Submit proof of employer identity

Foreigner’s residence permit for private matters (add “diagnosis and treatment”):

1. First-time application (16-60 years old) must be applied in person; re-application can be done by a relative with relevant certificates;

2. Submit a medical diagnosis certificate issued by a Class III A or above hospital or a medical institution designated by the city’s health authority.

Residence permit for foreigners’ private affairs (visiting relatives/private matters):

1. Entering the country to visit the spouse, children under 18 years old, and (spouse’s) parents of foreigners holding residence documents in this city; provide letters and proof of kinship issued by the person being visited stating the kinship relationship.

2. To visit foreigners holding a residence permit for private affairs (house purchase) in this city, they must also submit the original and copy of the real estate certificate or the notarized house sales contract.

3. Foreigners who are accompanying foreigners seeking medical treatment in this city and holding a residence permit for private affairs (marked with "diagnosis and treatment") must provide a letter from the person being accompanied stating the kinship, a certificate of kinship, or a certificate of companionship issued by a medical institution.

4. Foreigners who enter the country to handle personal matters must provide supporting documents, application letters or relevant guarantees related to their matters.

Residence permit for foreigners’ private matters (house purchase):

1. Original and copy of financial guarantee (proof of deposit of RMB 100,000 in a domestic bank)

2. Submit the original and copy of the real estate certificate in your name or the notarized house sales contract 

Residence permit for foreigners’ personal affairs (with “Entrepreneurship” added):

1. Submit an application letter for personal innovation and entrepreneurship, and if necessary, provide a letter of guarantee from the unit

2. Those who are employed by companies in Shanghai during the period of innovation and entrepreneurship should apply for a work-type residence permit in accordance with relevant regulations.










sources from: CNVISA

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