Recruiting Details

Job Details

●  Pudong, Shanghai

●  Middle school Math teacher

●  full class hours: 21/23, age group: Grade 6-10

●  basic salary 25-27k before tax (according to experiences)

●  5k after tax housing allowance+other bonus,

●  paid winter holiday,

●  Mar/Feb start

●  if renew contract in summer, will pay for summer holiday's (August)

Key responsibilities

l  Planning and Preparation

1. Compile subject unit plan, vertical plan and ATL curriculum plan.

2. Aimed at different student group, design course instruction based on the plans above.

3. Work with teachers from different subject groups on interdisciplinary unit according to coordinator’s request.

l  Class Management

1. Create a students-oriented and inquiry based environment for teaching and learning.

2. Manage student behavior and set clear rules aligned with the school’s policy.

l  Instruction and Assessment

3. Deliver the course with full preparation in a clear and precise way.

4. Use different teaching methods and techniques to facilitate student learning.

5. Assign homework and give instructions and timely feedback to students. Provide support when necessary.

6. Submit student’s homework sample according to coordinator’s request.

7. Take the role of student’s supervisor in MYP or DP projects.

8. Assess student learning regularly by using variety forms of assessments and input score and student’s comments on school grading system on time. 

Professional Responsibilities:

l  Team and Committee

9. Attend group meeting on time and assist subject leader in MYP or DP documentation.

10. Establish and maintain a good communication with colleagues and school administration.

11. Cover lessons for teachers who are absent as the request from the administration.

12. Complete other duties and tasks assigned by subject leader or the coordinator.

l  Parent Communication

13. Provide a clear and appropriate feedback on student performance so their parents can support them more effectively. 

l  Professional Development

14. Participate in all in-school training.

15. Attend IB Job-A-Like programme, take an active part in group discussion and submit training records.

16. Attend IB workshops and get IB training certificates (both online and off-line).

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