The importance and process of foreign employee's degree authentication

2023/12/04 15:09:19

If a foreign employee comes to China for the first time, he is not familiar with the procedures and materials involved in the work visa, which may lead to many unnecessary detours in the process. Not long ago, we came into contact with a foreign executive. Because his assistant had not dealt with the foreign visa affairs before, without fully understanding the complexity of the work visa application, he blindly referred to the online suggestions and submitted some materials that did not meet the application conditions. As a result, the applicant received an illegal work warning from the Science and Technology Bureau, which makes the applicant likely no longer eligible to apply for a work visa and could face penalties under the immigration regulations.

According to the regulations on foreigners applying for work in China, applicants with a bachelor's degree or above can apply for a work permit for foreigners in China if they have more than two years of working experience. However, foreign academic qualifications need to go through the certification process before being recognized by the examination and approval authorities.

1. Requirements for work permit for academic certification

Those who obtain the highest degree (degree) certificate abroad need to go through the certification process. This process can be carried out through our embassies or consulates abroad, or the embassies or consulates in China of the country where the applicant obtains thedegree (degree) (the Hague Contracting countries can conduct the Hague certification) or the academic certification institution of China.

Those who have obtained the highest degree (academic background) certificate in the Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regionand the Taiwan region shall be certified by China's academic background certification institution or notarized by the notary office in the region where they are located.

Those who have obtained the highest degree (degree) in China must be certified by the website.

*According to the laws and regulations of China, if the competent department of the industry needs to conduct pre-approval or have the corresponding admittance professional qualification, the approval documents of the competent department of the industry or the certificate of professional qualification must be provided.

2. Educational background certification method

1) Handling by foreign embassies

The process of certification of the document in the embassy or consulate of the issuing country is as follows: First, the applicant needs to submit the document to the local notary for notarization, and the notary will sign and seal the document. Then, the applicant needs to submit the notarized documents to the provincial government for certification, and the provincial government will confirm that the notary's signature is true. Finally, the applicant needs to submit the documents certified by the provincial government to the local Chinese consulate for certification, and the consulate will confirm that the seal of the provincial government is true. In addition, it should be noted that, starting from November 7,2023, China has officially launched the certification process of The Hague. If the applicant's host country is a member of the Hague Contracting State, then they can directly perform the Hague certification. The specific process, information required, costs and time may vary from country to country, so it is recommended to confirm with the local embassy inadvance.

2) Handling by the Chinese Embassy in China

If the foreigners are in China, they can go directly to the degree to obtain the national embassy or consulate in China for certification. However, please note that not all Chinese embassies and consulates in China provide certification services, so please confirm with the Chinese embassies and consulates in China that have obtained their degrees in advance.

3) Hague certification

Obtain proof of no criminal record: apply to the local law enforcement agency or police station, and submit personal identification,fingerprint collection and application form and other relevant materials.

Notarization steps: After obtaining the proof of no criminal record, submit it to the local notary office or notary office for notarization, and fill in the corresponding application form.

Translation and Certification: After completing the notarization, it may be necessary to translate the certification documents into Chinese. Subsequently, the translation is submitted together with the original supporting documents for certification.

Hague Certification: Submit the documents to the Hague certification body of the host country. The agency is responsible for authenticating notarial documents and providing the Hague certification services. Complete the application form and pay the corresponding fee.

Document Return: After completing the Hague certification, your document willbe returned. You will receive a copy with the Hague certification mark and certification number.

Please note that the specific Hague certification process may vary bycountry and region. Therefore, during the process, it is recommended that you consult the relevant department or the Hague certification Authority to ensure that certification is performed in the right steps. If you are worried about the certification error impact, you can contact us to assist in the Hague certification.

4) Certification issued by the Ministry of Education

Foreigners in a third country (non-degree obtaining countries, non-China) can choose to directly apply for the certification of the Service Center for Overseas Study of the Ministry of Education. However, please note that not all overseas schools support this certification, according to the actual certification situation.

5) Domestic student credit network certification

After obtaining a degree certificate in China, foreigners can choose to certify through the website or go to a domestic notary office for notarization. Special reminder, non-Chinese proof materials need tobe accompanied by a Chinese translation.

3. Handling the work permit process

The procedures and preparation materials for foreigners to obtain work permits vary according to their personal situation and the type of company.

For individual foreigners:

You need to confirm your job category, such as employment category, internship category, expert category, etc.

Prepare relevant materials, including personal resume, education certificate, health certificate, employment contract and other documents.

Apply for a visa from Chinese embassies or consulates in their country.

After obtaining a visa, enter China.

Within 30 days after entry, the application for a work permit shall be submitted to the local foreigner employment service administration agency.

After submitting the materials for verification, the decision organ shall review the examination and make a decision within 10 working days.

After obtaining the work permit, it is necessary to regularly update and manage their own work permit to the local foreigner employment service management agency.

For the company:

Register the unit account in the work permit pre-examination system for foreigners.

After completing the account registration of the company, you need to submit the application information online, and provide relevant electronic materials, including business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, etc.

If a special service agency is entrusted to handle the matter, the name of the special service agency and the legal registration certificate (business license or organization code certificate shall beregistered online Social insurance registration certificate or registration certificate of resident representative office of foreign enterprises, etc.), the name, identity certificate, contact number, etc., and submit the power of attorney of the employer and the identity certificate of the agent.

After passing the online pre-examination, relevant materials shall be prepared, including business license, dispatch letter, application form, etc., and submit them to Chinese embassies and consulates abroad for visa application.

After passing the online pre-examination, relevant materials shall be prepared, including business license, dispatch letter, application form, etc., and submit them to Chinese embassies and consulates abroad for visa application.

After examination, the acceptance institution shall decide whether to accept it. If accepted, it shall examine it and make a decision.

After obtaining the work permit, the company needs to regularly update and manage the foreigner's work permit to the local foreigner employment service management agency.

It should be noted that the specific procedures and required materials for different types of foreigners and companies may be different, so in the actual process, they need to carefully read the relevant regulations and requirements, and prepare materials according to the requirements. 











































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