Guide to Visa application for stay in China

2023/11/17 12:30:04

Foreigners need to apply for a stay permit during their stay in China, so what are the cases where they need to apply? According to the regulations, foreigners under any of the following circumstances may apply to the exit-entry administration of the public security organ at the place of stay for a stay permit: (1) Foreigners who need to stay beyond the visa-free period for non-diplomatic or official reasons; (2) Foreign crew members and their families need to leave the city where the port of call is located; (3) those who renounce Chinese nationality upon approval and need to stay in China; (4) The reason for the foreigner's residence is terminated and the foreigner needs to continue to stay for humanitarian reasons; (5) A foreign baby born in China needs to stay in China; Other circumstances requiring a stay permit. There are several aspects to pay attention to when applying for a stay permit.

First of all, when applying for a stay permit, you need to go through the relevant procedures and conduct an interview with the public security organ; If the applicant is under the age of 16 or over the age of 60 and has mobility difficulties due to illness or other reasons, as well as the applicant who has not entered China for the first timeand has a good stay and residence record in China, and the inviting unit provides guarantee measures for the expenses required by the foreigner during the period in China, the applicant's inviting unit(person) can act on behalf of the applicant. For the application ofthe agent, the accepting authority may also request an interview withthe applicant when it deems it necessary, and question the applicant.

Secondly, when applying for a stay permit, you need to submit relevant materials. Application materials include: Application Form for Foreigner Visa Documents, valid passport or other international travel documents, visa documents for this entry, photocopy of this entry stamp. If nationality identification is not carried out, children under the age of 18 who apply for visa documents for the first time with a foreign passport are also required to submit corresponding supporting materials. In addition, it is necessary to submit other information related to the purpose of the application, such as supporting materials related to the purpose of stay, seaman's certificate or other international travel documents, a letter of guarantee from the shipping agency, a confirmed date of air/car/ferry ticket or other relevant supporting materials.

Finally, entry and exit permits are also available for foreigners with Chinese nationality. However, foreigners with Chinese nationality must comply with relevant regulations and submit the "People's Republic of China Certificate of Withdrawal" and relevant supporting materials related to the purpose of stay.

In short, there are six circumstances in which foreigners need to apply for a stay permit in China, and they should pay attention to submitting application materials in accordance with the regulations when applying, and they need to go to the public security organs for application procedures and interviews. For some applicants, they can entrust the inviting unit to act on their behalf.






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